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License Plates - Custom - Personalized and Logo Reproductions.
We can add Your Photo or Image to our Laser Crafted Front Car Mirror Vanity Tags
Durable Acrylic Mirror in Vibrant Chrome Mirror Colors

Front Car License Plates | Auto Tags Personalized

Crafted from durable Chrome Acrylic Mirror assuring years of longevity - We stock complete selection of Blank Mirror Front Car Vanity Tags | License Plates in all Fourteen Vibrant Mirror Tones. Our Unique Photo Plates are Reverse Printed on a clear lens using UV protected ink and lens. This is not sublimation - It is our High Resolution Photo Quality License Plate Custom made to your specifications. Themes Include, Religious, Spiritual, Military, Pet Theme, Custom Logos, Monogram And more If you do not see the theme you are looking for among the hundreds of products displayed, please contact our design department - 800 838-4805 Our front car Vanity License Plates are Mirror Laser inlays - NOT Vinyl Stickers

Laser Mirrored Vanity License Plates with Laser Mirrored Themes

Laser Mirrored Vanity Auto Tag - Flag of the United States of America

This is a beautiful Red White and Blue Mirrored American Flag Laser Cut auto tag - License Plate and inlayed with the finest most durable materials. Display your Patriotism on the front of your car.
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Laser Mirrored Flag of the United States of America, Richly in-layed in Vibrant Durable Acrylic Mirror.
Size: 6" X 12",      Price $32.00

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This is a beautiful Red White and Blue

American Flag

Laser Cut and inlayed
with the finest most durable materials.
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Laser Inlayed Mirrored Vanity Front Car Plates

Our plates are not inexpensive
Vinyl stickers or Airbrushed witch will peel and fade.

Military and Patriotic License Plates/Auto Tags

In this department you will find a large selection of Military and Patriotic License Plates / Auto Tags. All of our License plates are laser cut and the designs are Inlayed.
Many of these unique auto tags can be personalized with your special Sentiments.
As always you have a large selection of Mirror and opaque background and Inlay colors to choose from


About our Mirrored License Plates | Auto Tags | Crafted from Acry-Mirror a material that combines the durability of acrylic
with the crystal clear Reflective Quality glass mirror In addition to the varieties depicted we offer

Custom Logo Reproduction Services

Call to discuss your special requirements with one of our Design Specialist

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Size: 6" X 12",      Price $32.00

This item is available in the following Sizes
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Product Information

Laser Mirrored Vanity Auto Tag - Flag of the United States of America
This is a beautiful Red White and Blue Mirrored American Flag Laser Cut auto tag - License Plate and inlayed with the finest most durable materials. Display your Patriotism on the front of your car.

About the American Flag

We all know that the fifty stars represent the fifty states, and the stripes represent the original thirteen colonies. We also know that Betsy Ross made the first flag. But did you know that George Washington commissioned her to make it after a few other men and Washington drew on a piece of parchment what they wanted? Betsy Ross wasn't thrilled to take on this responsibility, and her initial response was, "I don't know, but I can try." Here are more facts that you probably did not know about the stars, the stripes, the colors, the folds, and the meaning behind it all.

Stars On the United States Flag

Throughout history, the number of stars on the flag has changed. As each state joined the United States of America, another star was added. On July 4, 1960, Hawaii was the final star that completed the flag that we know today.
The shape of the star chosen to represent each state was a unique decision. Prior to the end of the 18th century, six, seven, and eight pointed stars were more commonplace than the five pointed star. Some speculate that the five-pointed star was chosen to further separate the United States from Europe. Another theory is that Betsy Ross came up with the five-pointed star because it was easier to do with one snip of the scissors than a six pointed star. No one knows for sure, but the five-pointed star was a unique decision that allows our flag to be that much more special to Americans.

Colors of the Flag

The colors were deliberately chosen to represent a theme that our founding fathers felt was important to the building of our nation.


stands for courage, hardiness, and bloodshed. Courage because our country is based on the courage of separating from what we once knew, courage of starting over, courage of fighting for our freedom. Hardiness because our founding fathers believed our country will outlast the land that we came from. Finally, blood shed to honor all those who lost their life for our freedom and our country.


stands for purity and vigilance purity because our country is independent and is not corrupted by any other country. Vigilance because our country needs to be alert and careful in the choices we make.


stands for justice and perseverance justice because it is the basis of our country, and perseverance because although our nation is young, we will stand strong against all opposition.

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We feature all four branches of the United States Military. Some of our patriotic products in this category can be personalized with your unique message. In addition to our military category for license plates we have several other license plate categories. Please browse the CoolMirror website for other unique personalized gift ideas.

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